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What is on-site massage?

On-site massage is a form of ancient Japanese acupressure massage, adapted to suite our busy modern lives. It is a short massage, given through clothes, focusing mainly on the neck, shoulders and back while seated in a specially designed comfortable chair. The sequence works to improve energy flow throughout the body by using over 60 acupressure points and different massage techniques which support the muscular, nervous and circulatory systems.

This style of massage is very versatile and can be carried out in offices, shopping centers, exhibitions, seminars & pamper days.

 event massage, corporate massage, seated massage in the work place

Benefits to an employee:   

  • Addresses muscular aches of the neck, shoulders and back
  • Helps manage stress
  • Relieves headaches and eye strain
  • Promotes a sense of well-being
  • Boosts energy levels and alleviates tiredness
  • Improves focus, concentration and alertness
  • Reduces likelihood of a repetitive strain injur

Benefits to the employer:

  • Helps to reduce stress levels in staff
  • Lowers likelihood of repetitive strain injury when regularly received
  • Reduces sick days linked to stress related illnesses
  • Can help improve work performance and concentration
  • Good for rebalancing and energizing people in the middle of the day
  • Revitalizes employees with minimal disruption
  • Shows an employer’s commitment to their staff
event massage, corporate massage, seated massage in the work place

For more information about Seated Massage or to book an event please call Rachel: 07503000284

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